Thursday, 2 August 2012

My latest book, Malthusia, has been made available on  You can find it under the Kindle store option and from there just search the title.  It is currently listed for $ 5.50.

The story is about 361 pages in length and the story synopsis from the novel is:

The golden age of the twentieth century has passed, leaving behind a world faced with overpopulation and the imminent exhaustion of cheap natural resources. Governments and countries align themselves to prepare for a new world order, forging ties and setting in motion plans that will affect the fate of billions, ultimately deciding the outcome of the world of the twenty first century and the future of mankind.

I wanted to write a story that in general could freak people out because it is based on the situation we are currently in, and that is overpopulated with a chronic dependance upon oil.  There are several good programs that I have been fortunate enough to watch where that Mal-dependancy  is outlined very well, showcasing the peril our civilization could find itself in if/ when our oil supplies noticeably diminish.  Tied with that idea, I wanted a story where powerful governments recognize this problem and take action to preserve their own ideals, frequently at the expense of those less able to do so.

I want your feedback; please give it a read and let me know - thanks you !